“I was dead sure that I was the first muslim in the world that can’t pray because she’s too stupid. I was looking at the pages and going, “No way, man. That’s like, What?? This can’t be done!” but i started reading from here to there and following the poses… I started with one, then two, then four… then eventually fajr was added to the list. it took me a week to memorise all i had to, but if it takes longer for you, it’s fine, don’t worry about it, its the intention that counts.”

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TAQWA | Malaysia

“Sakeena would invite me to Islamic events, and her Facebook was full of Islamic reminders. All these caught my attention and brought me closer to Islam. Through her, I got to know other amazing sisters who motivated me into becoming a better Muslimah.”

“The people you spend time with really do play a part on how you end up as a person.”

CHEN YI | China

“We started to talk about Islam. She told me what would happen at the end of this world and what would happen to non-believers. After hearing that, I was extremely scared about what she described to me. And I was so overwhelmed that couldn’t speak a single word. That night, my value of this world totally changed. But alhamdulillah, when I woke up in the next morning, I accepted God very easily and peacefully.”

JANAN | Singapore

“I don’t believe in blind following – just because I am born to a Muslim family, I would have no choice but to adhere to the practice of Islam. How can we “just believe” without rationalising? God is so Great to give us the capacity to think.”

I learnt that it’s God who gives the illness and also it’s again him who cures it. And I was a chosen one as God always gave me a burden to test me.

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MAYA | Japan

“I was working for an American financial company as a sales person when I made shahada. I quit the job and entered graduate school in Malaysia to study Islamic finance. It was only after I quitted my job when I started to fully practice the hijab and on time salah.”

ELIF | Turkey

I learnt that it’s God who gives the illness and also it’s again him who cures it. And I was a chosen one as God always gave me a burden to test me.

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NUHA | Morocco

“Traveling echoes the fact that our existence in Dunya is temporary, attachment to anything other than our faith in Allah wouldn’t therefore make any sense, whether it is a relationship, a job, a place or an object. Who am I other than a traveler who takes a rest under a tree in the shade and then goes on his way ? Who are we all… Other than travellers under a tree ? Very soon, we shall all go on our way…”

YELDA | Singapore

When my Muslim boyfriend left me, I was really heartbroken. But come to think if it, I would not have turned to the Truth if I had not met him. My heart is at peace knowing what is meant for me will never miss me, and what missed me is not meant for me.

ANA | Japan

“If I convert to Islam, I don’t want to be lazy about anything for Islam. I want to wear hijab to work, I want to fast, I want to avoid eating pork. But now it’s hard because we have always been taught since young that we must “always eat lunch with a smile and be in a good mood when eating with friends and teachers”. “

AMNA | Japan

Although I was a Muslim since birth, I didn’t know the depth of Islam before I rediscovered Islam. I did everything out of fear of people (teachers, elder family members etc) and with no understanding. I’d pray just to avoid getting scolded, cover myself up and not befriend the opposite gender because it’s “disgraceful” and like “what will the neighbours say?”