RISA | Japan

“I made Shahada led by Dr Zakir Naik in his lecture with over 1,200 witnesses. My question was how I could deal with other religious practice in society as Japanese Muslim. The answer by him was “If you do not go against what Quran says, it should not be a problem.” It was my last question before reverting. I felt so relieved that I am finally part of Islam and my heart gets clean.”

SHAHIN | Japan

“There was a time I hid from my parents about being muslim. I did my prayers in my toilet, it’s a small space but I have no other choice because I have no other place I can pray without them seeing. And it was also hard for me to go to the Mosque. Because I always had to lie to my father.”


“My dream is to become a Japanese Imam InsyaAllah. Next September, I’ll go to Madinah University, so I have to improve and work very hard.”


“If you have never read the Qur’an, please don’t go spreading your ignorance to other people. Keep your mind open and away from the media. You can’t base a religion on a minority of people who have a wrong, misinterpreted idea of the religion.”

SIERRA | America

“At first Islam seemed kind of burdensome to me and though I wasn’t interested in becoming Muslim, I began to live the kind of lifestyle that a practicing Muslim should.”

AYA | Japan

“I’ve experienced many things after I met my sweet husband. I’ve seen his kindness many times. One day he shared with me a small candy by dividing it into two with his teeth. He gave money to people who didn’t have a home in Japan. I was totally impressed.”


“It all began with my friend sending me a link to a YouTube video about how to style hijab. Mind you, we were both non-Muslims at the time, but we thought headscarves were absolutely beautiful!”


“One year later after I started to study Malaysian, I still had many words that I couldn’t understand. I realised that all of them were related to Islam, so I took classes of Islam….at the time it was only for studying.”

AAFIKA | Singapore

“I was a dance instructor and a performer. I loved and had passion for what I did. I did not believe in religion, none made any sense to me. I saw Islam as restrictive and oppressive to women.”