I’m a Muslim, I do Jihad

“France is target of choice for ‘jihadists'”? No, the WHOLE of humanity in need of ‘jihadists’.

The Parent Problem

 It’s been two years. I didn’t think that I could step into the house without tearing off my hijab in the elevator or at the staircase landing beforehand, but I can now. I didn’t think that my mum would bring me out for breakfast in public, me in hijab and all, but she does now….

9 Misconceptions of a Chinese Muslimah Convert in Singapore

1. We automatically changed our race when we became Muslim. “So you can speak Malay too?” “OMG, you can speak Chinese???” “I don’t get it… so you’re half-Malay and half-Chinese?” “Are you going to change your name to Siti bte…?” I’m Chinese, my parents are Chinese, my grandparents are Chinese, and my great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents are…

It’s Our Fault for Making Islam Look Strict

As servants of God, we are representative of the teachings of Islam. Especially in the scrutinizing eyes of the society today, every little action we do brings across a message to others, even if we mean it or not. In fact, many of the presumptions that the non-muslim community has about us are actually a…

Why Do Muslims Fast?

Among the narrations of Hadith is the following: “God Almighty said to the instinctual soul: ‘What am I and what are you?’ The soul replied: ‘I am myself and You are Yourself.’ So He punished it and cast it into Hell, then asked it again. Again it replied: ‘I am myself and You are Yourself.’ However He punished it, it did not give up its egoism. Finally He punished it with hunger; that is, He made it go hungry. Then again He asked it: ‘Who am I and who are you?’ And the soul replied: ‘You are my Compassionate Sustainer and I am your impotent slave!’”

Why Do Muslims Pray 5 Times a Day?

So many people have asked me this question “Do you pray 5 times a day?” And when I say yes, they open their eyes wide in shock. Frankly I believe some have also gone away thinking that Islam is so strict and rigid that prayers have to be ‘imposed’ on all Muslims, and if you don’t…

Do All Non-Muslims Go to Hell?

People used to tell me, only if you believe in Jesus then you can be saved! Now that I am Muslim, I hear that only Muslims can go to Heaven. So… who goes to Heaven?

Who is Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.)?

This post recalls how I came to accept and love Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w) as a Messenger of God, even though I’ve only known Jesus all my life.

Why is the Quran a Miracle from God?

Who said miracles only have to be in action? Why can’t it be in literature and scientific knowledge as well? God works in so many ways. Obviously we’re discounting him if we have our own definition of what a miracle is.