Are we pretending to believe?

“A belief in God would demand one hundred percent obsessive devotion, influencing every waking moment of this belief on earth. But four billion so called believers do not live their lives in that fashion, except for a few. The majority believe in the usefulness of their beliefs-an earthly and practical utility- but they do not believe in the underlying reality.”

Who is Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.)?

This post recalls how I came to accept and love Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w) as a Messenger of God, even though I’ve only known Jesus all my life.

How I Came to Islam

Is it not amazing that God, our Maker, knows us so well that his way of communication is so unique to each of us? And who are we to judge on the path He has chosen to lead us to? This is my story of my journey to, and with God.

I Was Not Born to Sin, I was Born Pure.

If I do what I don’t want to do, this means that I am no longer the one who does it; instead, it is the sin that lives in me.” (Romans 7:14-20) COME ON DOES THIS EVEN MAKE SENSE?!

A Lifetime of Seeking Knowledge

Knowledge in faith should be a lifelong process. You only just need to know where to search. My decision to revert to Islam is the acknowledgement of the start of this journey of lifelong searching. And as I celebrate my 24th year of life tomorrow, I sincerely thank all those who have, and will be part of this journey of mine.

Why is the Quran a Miracle from God?

Who said miracles only have to be in action? Why can’t it be in literature and scientific knowledge as well? God works in so many ways. Obviously we’re discounting him if we have our own definition of what a miracle is.

That Final Push to My Shahada

When is the right time to profess your belief? There isn’t a right time. Knowledge will always come to you along the way. You just have to know that your heart is there.

That ‘Accidental’ Discovery

Finally found something that resonates with my own beliefs. By accident. While I was half asleep. God works in wonderful ways.

Which Journey Would You Choose?

Yesterday was really interesting. I talked to 2 friends, each of different faith experiences, and both told me their own unique spiritual journeys. I guess I’d been putting off something I should have started long ago since I knew I was heading that way.