(Re)Discovering the Prophets

Prophets were sent by God to the part of the world and period they were meant to fit into. At the time of Moses, magery was everywhere. When God sent him a staff which allowed him to work miracles, the people of that time immediately knew that it was the work of God when they saw it surpassed all earthly form of magery. Jesus was sent at a period where medical health was important to the people. Curing the sick and raising people from the dead was God’s way of speaking to us to make us know that He is above all. And lastly, Prophet Muhammad’s Quran came to the Arabs at a time where poetry and literature meant knowledge, it was highly sought after. The flawless, poetic writing was God’s miraculous way of speaking to the people through the way which they could best identify with.

How could I have only just heard this beautiful reasoning that made so much sense of God’s ways? Why have we gone so narrow to focus only on one of the ways when He has actually been doing so much more all these while?

When you focus too much on one thing, you miss the beauty of the rest.

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