A Muslim in Allah’s Eyes… but not in Yours?

Today, a new sister reverted to Islam. It was a joyous occasion, but it brought me to realize a very sad and sobering reality. Our new sister’s story is a very unique, and a very inspiring one. She had been on her path to Islam for close to 9 years (that’s almost a DECADE.) it…

The Permanence of Loving Temporarily

Death and the Temporary World Do I fear death? Do I fear that my loved ones will leave me, one day, through death or by other means? Does my love cause me to cling ferociously to them,  not letting them out of my sight, afraid that something may happen to them once I lose sight of them?…

Ramadan Reflections

Alhamdulillah, Ramadan is upon us once again. I sit here now, reflecting on my previous two Ramadans, and pondering about the one which I am about to face, insha’Allah. My goals have become more personal as compared to my first Ramadan, where I expected myself to “read the Quran from back to back”, and where I…

The Gift

Gifts are meant to be temporary, yet, we treat them as if they are eternally bound to us. Guard our heart, because what is deserving of our endless thoughts and our expectations is the only One who isn’t temporary: the Gift-Giver.

To the Convert’s Friend

This is to you, the Convert’s Friend. The one who is patiently enduring, never forcing. Always waiting, knowing that Allah will guide her in time. She passed rumours, thinking she did right; not knowing it was forbidden to backbite. She was cynical of others, not knowing that as a Muslim, she was always supposed to…

To the Hesitant Soul

Dear Hesitant Soul, You wondered if you’d be able to follow all the rules. You didn’t want to seem like a hypocrite; and you worried about your family and friends and what they would think. So you held back; you hesitated. This is for you; you’re not alone.

What Would Adab Do?

The humblest of all seekers of knowledge, the one who neither criticises nor belittles. The one who knows her place as a lifelong student, even if she’s a teacher.
The one who always begins her questions with, “I would like to seek your opinion on this matter”, instead of “I disagree with you on what you’ve uttered.”

The Thing on Your Head

You judge me by what’s on my head, So convinced by the rumors which the channels spread. You call me imprisoned, you call me oppressed, merely because of the way I’m dressed. How little do you know about with what I’ve been blessed. You assume that I’m used, bruised and abused. Yet, I let your misjudgment…

I’m a Muslim, I do Jihad

“France is target of choice for ‘jihadists'”? No, the WHOLE of humanity in need of ‘jihadists’.

The Dilemma of Da’wah

Da’wah- It means to invite to Islam, not to drag someone to the mosque and stuff your ideologies down their throat.