Ramadan Reflections

Alhamdulillah, Ramadan is upon us once again. I sit here now, reflecting on my previous two Ramadans, and pondering about the one which I am about to face, insha’Allah. My goals have become more personal as compared to my first Ramadan, where I expected myself to “read the Quran from back to back”, and where I…

In Hijab for Good

It has been slightly more than a month since I made the promise to Allah (s.w.t) that I’d put on my hijab for good from this Ramadan onwards. I started slightly earlier before Ramadan itself, on 11th May, right after I had arrived at Haneda Airport in Japan. Truth was that I was afraid. Of…

Muslims are Strivers, never Slackers.

After graduation about 2 years ago, my mind was made up to strive only for the best in my career- that was the only constant, my education. I had my journey planned out- experience different types of companies from small to big, different types of design specializations, and then finally become a famous designer. Didn’t know…

My First Congregational Prayer

You know how everyone says you cry when you finally find your own revelation? They aren’t lying. I found it there. The feeling cannot be put into words. At best, it’s like finally finding someone, something you’ve never known you’ve lost.

That Final Push to My Shahada

When is the right time to profess your belief? There isn’t a right time. Knowledge will always come to you along the way. You just have to know that your heart is there.