7 Hijab Trends of a Muslimah Convert

Hijabi fashionistas are becoming really popular in the world nowadays, with different styles and trends of hijab due to differences in taste, culture, and such. We converts have our own little world of trends, creatively developed to adapt ourselves to the transiting phases of becoming a full time hijabi.

In Hijab for Good

It has been slightly more than a month since I made the promise to Allah (s.w.t) that I’d put on my hijab for good from this Ramadan onwards. I started slightly earlier before Ramadan itself, on 11th May, right after I had arrived at Haneda Airport in Japan. Truth was that I was afraid. Of…

My Struggle to be Hijab-less

The beautiful thing about being a woman in a hijab is that people know you are Muslim. I love wearing the hijab. But I can’t seem to muster enough courage to do so.