When Falsehood Seems like Truth

The Group that Lured Under the Pretext of Empathy and Superiority A few weeks after my conversion, I was invited to join a Facebook group, a page termed as a ‘support group for Muslim converts’, which I enthusiastically plunged into (yay, an entire community who understands me!). As a new convert, there were so many…

The Secret Sabr

This reflection is by far the longest one I’ve taken to write (It’s been sitting in my draft folder for a few years, and I wrote and re-wrote it over and over again, deleted and written again and again). It’s not because it’s about sabr and I wanted to write it with sabr (haha, bad joke),…

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Learning from my Pen, and from Others’ Pens Sometime last year when I was still penning my learnings and notes on my blog Between Faith (before I started The New Muslim Co.), someone told me that it was very unusual for Muslims/ reverts like myself to publish about their journey, about Islam, because they would…

A Muslim in Allah’s Eyes… but not in Yours?

Today, a new sister reverted to Islam. It was a joyous occasion, but it brought me to realize a very sad and sobering reality. Our new sister’s story is a very unique, and a very inspiring one. She had been on her path to Islam for close to 9 years (that’s almost a DECADE.) it…

The Permanence of Loving Temporarily

Death and the Temporary World Do I fear death? Do I fear that my loved ones will leave me, one day, through death or by other means? Does my love cause me to cling ferociously to them,  not letting them out of my sight, afraid that something may happen to them once I lose sight of them?…

I’m a Muslim, I do Jihad

“France is target of choice for ‘jihadists'”? No, the WHOLE of humanity in need of ‘jihadists’.

The Dilemma of Da’wah

Da’wah- It means to invite to Islam, not to drag someone to the mosque and stuff your ideologies down their throat.

The Parent Problem

 It’s been two years. I didn’t think that I could step into the house without tearing off my hijab in the elevator or at the staircase landing beforehand, but I can now. I didn’t think that my mum would bring me out for breakfast in public, me in hijab and all, but she does now….

In Hijab for Good

It has been slightly more than a month since I made the promise to Allah (s.w.t) that I’d put on my hijab for good from this Ramadan onwards. I started slightly earlier before Ramadan itself, on 11th May, right after I had arrived at Haneda Airport in Japan. Truth was that I was afraid. Of…

Types of Stagnant Muslims… And How to Get Out of Becoming One

The problem with Stagnant Muslims is that they are the closest to shirk, if not totally committing shirk itself. Announcing that you’re a Muslim doesn’t mean that you are one. Actions speak further than words. If you’re blatantly sinning and not feeling an ounce of guilt or wanting to repent, then you’re neither a Muslim nor a Non-muslim. You’ve become a hypocrite.