The Irony on my Newsfeed

On my newsfeed today was 2 startlingly contrasting headlines. The first was about the World Cup, posted by the majority. Second was about the mass bombings by Israeli forces on Palestinian innocent civilians, posted by the few of my Muslim friends.

Having never been one to look at depressing news, the past me would have given my time to World Cup updates instead (never mind how uninterested I am in the World Cup). However, I’ve been increasingly skeptical of the portrayal of Muslims in the media ever since I stepped out of my little well and truly got to know what I once took no effort in finding out. And today, The disparity in the newsfeed got to me because both the topics were a representation of my previous, and present self. Also, why was it that only my Muslim friends were the ones posting on the war? (I am sorry if I sound offensive, but it was truly what I noticed.)

Over these past 23 years, my view of the world have been so shockingly narrow. And I’m not proud to say that the past me would pass war news for World Cup news – but when one actually cares to know what it is happening in the world around, it doesn’t take an idiot to see how wronged, tortured and oppressed Muslims all over the world are, and who are the true oppressors. Mass genocides, yes GENOCIDES are happening right now, to innocent civilians, many of whom are small children. And it’s being funded by that big western country which has just celebrated it’s Independence Day.


Just like my other posts on being Muslim, this too will go unnoticed by most people. But I persist. This isn’t about religion or politics, it’s about being humane. And being aware about this twisted situation, not just in Palestine but also in Syria and all other parts of the world. By being silent or without opinion, we are sitting on the side of the oppressor, to allow them to continue their heinous crimes while justifying it’s for ‘freedom’.

To all my brothers and sisters in oppression, take comfort in the words of the Quran,

“And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient, who, when disaster strikes them, say, “Indeed we belong to Allah , and indeed to Him we will return.” Those are the ones upon whom are blessings from their Lord and mercy. And it is those who are the [rightly] guided. -Al Baqarah, 155-157

We are praying for you.

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  1. Neil Godfrey says:

    We have a common concern here. I wonder if the various blogs from the bibliosphere that do speak out could somehow work out a way to reinforce their voices here:


  2. Yunus LAHDILI says:

    I salute you for your courage and your firm stance with justice and right. I wanted this time to manifest my presence in your blog, to bring to your attention that your other posts on being Muslim, are not going unnoticed, at least not by me. I read all your articles ever since you started. Your content, reasoning and style couldn’t be more better, and your statements on the meaning of life are a compelling subject for reflexion. As a Muslim myself, you are speaking as if you always lived as Muslim… May God preserve you Meryem, and that He make us all devout bearer of His knowledge


    1. Meryem says:

      Thank you very much Yunus, you have no idea how much your words of encouragement motivate me. I’m like a toddler who’s just learnt to walk and see the world in a totally new perspective, and being able to share my thoughts with people like you who’re all on this same journey just makes me feel so blessed. May Allah bless and guide us all closer to Him. 🙂


      1. Yunus LAHDILI says:

        Oh it is very humble from you to have replied to my message, I should have checked it earlier, my real apologizes 🙂 Your words are too very enlightening for me. I think this journey you are undertaking is the most incredible discovery that one can make: Being Muslim, reveals to us our real creator and no matter the roadblocks along the way, we start realizing how strong we can be in face of adversity, and this is the essence of life itself.
        Thank you very much Meryem for this blog, and may Allah guide us all to wisdom and peace.
        “And whoever puts his trust in Allah, then He will suffice him”. (Al Qur’an 65:3)


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